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15 Most Important Demon Slayer Deaths (Ranked according to Importance)

While Demon Slayer had a lot of deaths, even among the main character, many fans have never been able to accept the death of some of their most significant characters.

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Although death isn’t always tragic, it is always sad. It’s a sad thing in fiction just as it is in life. Fictional deaths can be as devastating as real-life ones. While Demon Slayer had a lot of deaths, even among the main character, many fans have never been able to accept the death of some of their most significant characters. This article will list the 15 most significant deaths in Demon Slayer, as they occurred, both among the protagonists, and among the antagonists.

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15. Nakime

Nakime, the last remaining Kizuki in the story after Kokushibo’s death by MuichiroTokido and other Demon Slayers, is at one point. Muzan’s faithful servant, Nakime was the Infinity Castle’s ruler and she was indispensable to Muzan until she became too weak. Nakime was captured by an unlikely hero during the Demon Slayer Corps’ last assault on the Infinity Castle.

Yushiro, previously believed to be dead, suddenly appears and takes complete control of Nakime’s vision. He has complete control of the Infinity Castle. This causes problems for Muzan who must also fight the Demon Slayers. Muzan eventually realizes that he can’t protect Nakime while fighting the Corps. Yushiro could use the Castle against Muzan. He locates Nakime, kills her, and thus eliminates the 12 Kizuki, giving the Corps an opportunity to defeat him.

14. Sabito and Makomo

Sakonji took in Sabito (or Makomo) two orphans who helped Tanjiro to complete the Final Preparation for Mt. Fujikasane. They appear to be real but they are actually spirits. This is because the original Sabito died and Makomo died. Sakonji took them in, trained them to be Demon Slayers just like he did with Tanjiro. Unfortunately, the two of them did not make it, and they both died.

In other words, Sabito, Makomo and Mr. Fujikasane were very successful during the events at Mr. Fujikasane until they met a large, morphed Demon. The Demon claimed that he had eaten many of Sakonji’s pupils and that they would be the next. Sabito attempted to kill the Demon, but his blade struck the Demon’s neck and the Demon then killed him. Makomo was later torn to pieces by the same demon. This is why Sabito tried to kill it, and the Demon killed him.


13. Kaigaku

You might be aware that Zenitsu (or Kaigaku) have a common history. Kaigaku was Jigoro’s former student and he chose to become a Demon in order to gain more power. This is why Jigoro was so harsh on Zenitsu. Kaigaku was, on one hand, Zenitsu’s nemesis. He and Zenitsu finally get to meet in the Infinity Castle.

Zenitsu is disappointed to learn that his ex-partner became a Demon, and then rages when he recalls how he found out about his teacher’s suicide. After a heated argument, Kaigaku was eventually killed by the Honoikazuchi not Kami move. Zenitsu did not acknowledge that the move was his invention. Kaigaku then made fun of Zenitsu for showing him this style.

12. Akaza

Akaza, the former Upper Moon Three had the most painful death of all the Upper Moons. He almost committed suicide after realizing how much of a monster he was. Akaza was fighting Giyu Tomioka and Tanjiro for quite a while, before injuring them severely. However, he noticed that his memories of his childhood as a human started to return during the battle and he saw his ex-fiancee who asked him not to continue.

He recalled his human past and tried to kill Giyu using his Destructive Death Annihilation Type. However, Tanjiro stopped him in time. Akaza then applies the technique to himself, eventually dying and recalling how he became Demon.

11. Tanjuro Kamado

Tanjuro suffered from a condition that made his skin pallid and lifeless. Tanjuro married Kie sometime in his life and they had six children. Tanjuro may have connections to the demon slayer world, but these were not thoroughly explored. In his last years, he was smart and strong but became weaker. Although he died before Muzan Kibutsuji had killed his wife and their two youngest children, he was still able to influence the two remaining children, particularly Tanjiro.

10. Tamayo

When they first met, Muzan transformed Tamayo in to a demon. He kept the real effects from her and eventually caused the deaths of her husband as well as her children. Muzan considers her a troublemaker and plans to kill her after she escapes from his control.


In the distant past Tamayo tried to assassinate Muzan. Tamayo’s mentality was completely destroyed after she realized that she didn’t have a chance to win. Her determination and tenacity were replaced by subservient and servile behavior. After seeing Yoriichi’s extraordinary strength and skill against Muzan, Tamayo was reenergized in her desire to kill him. She refocused her efforts to defeat the Demon Lord, and began studying pharmaceuticals that could weaken or kill him.

Tamayo teams up with the Demon Slayer Corps in order to create a medication to aid in Muzan Kibutsuji’s defeat during the Infinity Castle Countdown arcs. She finally succeeds in taking revenge on Muzan, betraying him and turning her into a demon to get back her trust. This led her to murder her family members. In the end, however, she betrayed Muzan and killed her.

9. Jigoro Kuwajima

Jigoro Kuwajima, the former Thunder Hashira was a highly skilled Demon Slayer and an accomplished mentor. He was a teacher to Kaigaku as well as Zen’itsu and placed a lot hope and fate in them both. He did make Zen’itsu a noble Demon-Slayer but his failure to teach Kaigaku was a huge blow. Kaigaku then betrayed the Corps and became an Demon to gain more power.

Kuwajima committed seppuku after his former protege deceived to gain the power of a Demon. This proved his slow, agonizing death. No one could cut off Kuwajima’s head while he was bleeding out. Zenitsu was inspired by his death to become the next Thunder Hashira in revenge for Kaigaku’s death.

8. Kanae Kocho

Kanae’s tragic end was caused by a fight with Upper Moon number 2 Doma. She defeated Kanae and left her with a fatal injury. Doma fled from her, as she was about to devour her. Kanae pleads with Shinobu in her final moments to stop being a Demon Slayer, and to live a normal life. Instead, Shinobu swears revenge. Kanae can describe in detail the demon who took her life before she dies.

7. Shinobu Kocho & Doma

After Doma had murdered her sister, Shinobu vowed revenge and fought Doma , ultimately dying in the fight . Shinobu knew that she would die under Doma’s control so she gave herself a strong dose of wisteria poison. The dose, which was 37 kilograms (Shinobu) was seven hundred times what was required to poison a Demon. Shinobu did it with Tamayo’s help.


Shinobu swallowed the poison for one year and thought it would kill him or make him weak enough to die in the event of her being slain. It worked and Kanao, her pupil, and Inosuke Hashibara, her killer, were able to kill Doma, who had been poisoned in an attempt to exact revenge.

6. Kyojuro Rengoku

Like his element, the Flame Hashira is confident, energetic, determined and determined. He is also a straight-forward person who shows unfailing optimism regardless of the circumstances. Senjuro, his younger brother, is kind and caring, but he lacks any swordsmanship skills. Shinjuro’s father was the former Flame Hashira, but he became an alcoholic as well as a defeatist.

Ruka, their mother, died from an incurable illness she contracted shortly after giving birth. Its survival instinct allows it to respond and defend itself against an attack while still asleep. While protecting Tanjiro , the Infinity Train crashes, he succumbs to his injuries in his fight against Akaza, The Upper Third Moon.

5. Muichiro Tokito, Genya Shinazugawa and Kokushibo

In a fierce battle , MuichiroTokito and Genya Shinazugawa as well as Sanemi Shinazugawa and Gyomei Himejima, faced off against Kokushibo, the Upper-Rank One. Kokushibo was Yoriichi’s ancestor. Genya struggles to pronounce the names of his brothers, Gyomei, Muichiro, and Sanemi Shinazugawa, in order to determine if they are okay. Gyomei approaches Genya, telling him that all are fine, except Muichiro. Genya tells him immediately to help Mist Hashira. To show Genya that Sanemi is okay, Gyomei puts Sanemi’s unconscious body before him out of respect.

Gyomei points out that Muichiro has a quadruple mutilated physique and that Genya and his help would have prevented them from decapitating the high-ranking man. He sheds his tears and Gyomei promises that they will finish their mission to defeat Muzan.

4. Yoriichi Tsukiguni

Yoriichi was almost killed by Muzan and would become the Demon Slayers best fighter. Sumiyoshi, his ancestor, would benefit from his knowledge. Just before he died at 85, he fought his older twin brother Kokushibo who had been transformed into a demon.


Despite his age and blindness, he quickly took control of the fight. He cut the opponent’s throat with one move before finally slipping away while standing. Kokushibo admitted that Yoriichi’s power was still full bloom and that he would have killed him if Yoriichi had given him a second strike.

3. Gyomei Himejima and Obanai Iguro are some of the other contributors.

Gyomei Himejima served as the Stone Hashira in the Demon Slayer Corps, and was its leader. Obanai Kanroji and Mitsuri Kanroji were respectively the Serpents and Love Hashira. All of them participated in the final battle against Muzan Kifsuji during which they were all ultimately killed. Their deaths, which were discovered after the battle was over, were not confirmed. This happened along with the deaths of many other members of Demon Slayer Corps, who were also killed fighting Muzan.

2. Tanjiro’s family

The young Tanjiro kamado, a Tanjiro Kamado, is seen taking his severely injured sister to the doctor in the middle of a snowstorm. Tanjiro kamado had left home the day before with a bag full of coal that he wanted to make a profit in town. The eldest son, Tanjiro Kamado, has held a prominent place in his family. He supports his mother and helps his siblings and brothers.

He sells all the coal, but he returns home at night to find a man telling him to stay the night at his place because demons might attack him. He sets out again the next day but, as he approaches his home, Tanjiro smells of blood.

He arrives at his house to find his sister Nezuko, and one of his brother lying in bloody pools on the ground. Panicking, Tanjiro inquires about his sister’s fate and discovers that his entire family was brutally killed inside their home. He senses a new life in Nezuko, and he carries her around on his back to get her to the doctor. This is how Demon Slayer began.

1. Muzan Kibutusji

Muzan, originally from the Heian era was a young sickly man who was transformed into a demon by experimental therapy to prolong his life. He killed his doctor before he realized he was working. Muzan has been working tirelessly to “finish his therapy”, using demons to assist him in achieving his goal of having no flaws, with the sun as his only weakness.


He was almost killed in his fight with Yoriichi Takugikuni and expressed concern about Breath of Sun users. This was his excuse to attack Tanjiro’s family in an attempt to make at least one demon. Nezuko, the sole survivor of the tragedy, developed resistance to the sun. Muzan focused his efforts on taking her captive and eating her to overcome this single vulnerability. This resulted in a huge obsession with Nezuko’s eradication.

However, Tanjiro obstructs him from apprehending Nezuko. The Demon Slayers Corps exploited Muzan’s obsession with Tanjiro, Nezuko to capture him and his remaining supporters. Before he realized that he had been infected by a version of the humanity-restoring serum Tamayo, Shinobu made with additional poisons that rendered his skills useless and made him weaker than before, Muzan kills Tamayo along with many Demon Slayers.

However, his body was destroyed by the sun while he was being held captive by the Demon Slayers. Muzan tried to make Tanjiro a demon to kill the Demon Slayers, but Tanjiro changed into a human.